Investing in a PV system in Arizona

Part 2 of Arizona Consumer’s Guide to Buying a Solar Electric System. Why should I buy a PV system? People decide to buy PV systems for a variety of reasons. Some want to reduce air pollution and help preserve the earth’s finite fossil-fuel resources. Others would rather spend their money on an energy-producing improvement to […]

How to Avoid Deceptive Student Loan Offers

An education beyond high school is an investment in your future. It can be expensive and often requires you or your family to take out loans to help pay for it. Student loans fall into two categories, federal loans and private loans. Federal loans, which are subject to oversight and regulation by the federal government, […]

A Note About Electricity Terms

Part 3 of Buying and Using Renewable Energy at Home. When describing electricity production, the terms electric power (or capacity) and electric energy (or electricity) are often used. “Power” is the ability to do work and “energy” is the actual performance of the work, or the use of that ability over a period of time. […]