Cost of Loose-Fill Insulations

Part 5 of Loose-Fill Insulation. At the time this publication was written, the average loose-fill insulation cost per R-value per square foot was about 0.8 cents for cellulose and rock wool and 1.1 cents for fiberglass. These prices were for materials only. The average installed price per R-value per square foot was about 1.2 cents […]

Increase Roof Height At The Eave

One problem area in many roof designs occurs at the eave, where there is often insufficient space for full insulation without blocking air flow from the soffit vents. Often the insulation is compressed to fit the space, diminishing its R-value. For a truss roof, consider raised heel or oversized (cantilevered) trusses that form elevated overhangs […]

Thermal Envelope

Part 2 of Elements of an Energy-Efficient House. A thermal envelope is everything about the house that serves to shield the living space from the outdoors. It includes the wall and roof assemblies, insulation, air/vapor retarders, windows, and weatherstripping and caulking. Wall and Roof Assemblies Most builders use traditional wood frame construction. Wood framing is […]