Resources for a Mold-Free Home

Part 5 of Mold: Enemy of a Healthy Home. The following table provides selected links with additional information on mold and mold contamination issues in homes. Sponsoring Organization/Topic Internet Web Site Address Aerotech Laboratories, Inc. -Indoor air quality testing information…… Affordable Comfort, Inc.…… Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Online…… American Academy of Allergy, […]

Other sources of financial assistance for home repair and retrofitting

Part 2 of Financial assistance for home repair and retrofitting. Help from Other Federal Agencies Several Federal agencies offer disaster assistance to communities and citizens. For a complete list of Federal assistance programs for which you may be eligible, visit……. Small Business Administration (SBA) SBA provides low interest disaster loans to homeowners, renters, businesses […]

FEMA assistance for home repair and retrofitting

Part 1 of Financial assistance for home repair and retrofitting. FEMA and other Federal agencies have an array of financial assistance programs that assist States, communities, and individual property owners mitigate the negative effects of flood hazards. You may be eligible to receive financial assistance through one or more of these programs that will help […]

High Debts and Low Graduation Rates at For-Profit Universities

For-profit education companies claim to offer access to higher education to low-income and minority students. Data analysis of 16 for-profit schools indicates that students are more likely to leave without a diploma while being straddled with debt. Enrollment is growing even more quickly than previously understood and masks high withdrawal rates: Annual enrollment measures fail […]

9 Tips for Avoiding Debt Relief Rip-offs Scams

Part 6 of How to Choose a Credit Counselor. Steer clear of debt relief companies that: charge any fees before it settles your debts guarantee they can remove your unsecured debt tout a “new government program” to bail out personal credit card debt promise that unsecured debts can be paid off with pennies on the […]

About the United States Climate Change Impact Series

Part 1 of United States Climate Change Impact. What is this Series? this Series summarizes the science of climate change and the impacts of climate change on the United States, now and in the future. It is largely based on results of the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP), and integrates those results with related […]

Investment Advice: Beware Day-Trading Ads

Advertisements for some day trading systems or advisory services make investing look like a virtual bonanza where everyone’s a winner. But if one thing’s certain about stocks, commodity futures, options and similar investments, it’s that they’re uncertain. Any company that guarantees huge earnings is feeding you a load of “bull.”  Day traders spend their time […]

What Renewable Energy Technologies Make Sense for Consumers Now?

Part 2 of Buying and Using Renewable Energy at Home. Many renewable energy technologies make sense for consumers today. Prices have dropped during the past 20 years and the technologies have improved. Using renewable energy is easier than ever. Alternative fuels such as biodiesel and ethanol are becoming more widely available, and new vehicles that […]

Wind Power: Reducing Costs Through Improved Performance

Part 7 of Wind Power for the 21st Century. Large Wind Technologies Although research efforts for the past two decades have led to dramatic reductions in the cost of wind energy, continued incremental improvements to wind turbine performance will lower system costs even further while improving system integration and enhancing technology acceptance. The Wind Energy […]

Integration Of Wind Power On The Grid

Part 4 of Wind Power for the 21st Century. Systems Integration The natural variability of the wind resource can present challenges to grid system operators and planners with regard to managing regula-tion, load following, scheduling, line voltage, and reserves. While the current level of wind penetration in the United States and around the world has […]

DOE Technology Acceptance

Part 3 of Wind Power for the 21st Century. In support of Advanced Energy Initiative objective to expand the use of wind energy, the Wind Energy Program is increasing its efforts to overcome near-term deployment barriers to wind by enhancing public acceptance, promoting supportive public policies, engaging key stakeholders, and addressing siting and environmental issues. […]

DOE Wind Energy Support Program

Part 2 of Wind Power for the 21st Century. The DOE Wind Energy Program is one of 10 clean energy technology programs within the Department of Energy. It is managed by program staff at DOE Headquarters in Washington, D.C., and its Project Management Center (PMC) in Golden, Colorado, manages the financial assistance, provides program support, […]

Department of Energy Leading the Nation’s Wind Energy R&D

Part 1 of Wind Power for the 21st Century. Wind energy technology has come a long way over the past decade. In 1996, the average utility-scale wind turbine was almost as tall as a 12-story building and it produced enough electricity to power about 125 average American homes. At the time, these turbines were considered […]