What can your community do about underage drinking?

Part 7 of Community Guide to Underage Drinking. While many teens drink, underage alcohol use is not inevitable. It will take everyone in the community to make change happen. All of us can help change attitudes about teen drinking and help replace environments that enable underage alcohol use with environments that discourage it. After all, […]

Solve Underage Drinking

Part 6 of Community Guide to Underage Drinking. Underage drinking can affect anyone, including people who don’t drink. Underage alcohol use can lead to dangerous behavior, property damage, and violence. The results can be injury and even death for the drinker, and for other people nearby. About 45% of people who die in car crashes […]

What Makes You Sleep

Part 3 of Healthy Sleep Guide. Although you may put off going to sleep in order to squeeze more activities into your day, eventually your need for sleep becomes overwhelming and you are forced to get some sleep. This daily drive for sleep appears to be due, in part, to a compound known as adenosine. […]