LED Lighting Explained: Questions and Answers

LED technology continues to develop rapidly as a general light source. As more LED lighting products are introduced on the market, what do retailers, energy efficiency advocates, and consumers need to know to make informed buying decisions? Are LEDs ready for general consumer use? The number of white-light LED products available on the market continues […]

Passive Solar Design, Options, and Cost

A passive solar home is an exceptional home, differing from standard construction in the thermal integrity of its shell and its well-considered design. The design options, employing the principles and methods described here, are endless. However, workmanship is always extremely important when installing insulation, air sealing the building envelope, and installing the windows. Most successful […]

Cost of Loose-Fill Insulations

Part 5 of Loose-Fill Insulation. At the time this publication was written, the average loose-fill insulation cost per R-value per square foot was about 0.8 cents for cellulose and rock wool and 1.1 cents for fiberglass. These prices were for materials only. The average installed price per R-value per square foot was about 1.2 cents […]