Biomass Power for Rural Development

Part 2 of Biopower Facts. The Benefits of Biomass Using biomass, such as energy crops, crop processing waste, and agricultural residues, to produce energy benefits the nation, especially rural areas. The U.S. Departments of Energy and Agriculture work together to advance the development of electricity generation systems that use biomass instead of fossil fuels. The […]

Iowa Switchgrass Project

Part 1 of Biopower Facts. Benefits Productive use of marginal lands Establish management practices for production of switchgrass as a potential alternative new crop Encourage rural economic growth and development Applications The results of this project will lead to the development of a biomass fuel industry in the Northern Plains. Biomass Program Chariton Valley Resource […]

Biofuels & Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Myths vs Facts

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is committed to advancing technological solutions to promote and increase the use of clean, abundant, affordable, and domestically- and sustainably-produced biofuels to diversify our country’s energy sources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce our dependence on oil. U.S. energy consumption is expected to grow 50% percent by 2030. Biofuels […]